Resvlt Pam Releases New Song Titled “Cyattie”

RSVLT PAM is back with a follow-up to his first single ‘CHECK’ and this time withone based on love and appreciation titled ‘Cyattie’.


The song which was released on the 31st of December was a reflection of
his personal relationships and that of a good friend of his.
The rising artiste describes the song was gravely inspired by his best
friend who in many cases like most of us has put herself first and has
given people an avenue to continually disappoint and take full advantage
of her kindness. In this song, he tries to pass a message to other tells girls
out there letting them know they’re appreciated by somebody. Maybe not
everybody. But definitely somebody.


Prisoner to my decisions

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The track has somewhat of a reggae feel, excellent for your work outs, house parties, private visits and what not. In understanding more of the process of the song, he revealed saying; “there was really no avenue to rap for me, until I finished the chorus. Singing the chorus gave me the confidence to write the verse. Caught between persisting to rap
and exploring my vocals, I took on the adventure and it unexpectedly stuck to most listeners”

The secret to most success stories we hear is passion and hard work.

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